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  NSS Rules    

   Fundamental Principles

  In order to accurately preserve the history of traditional Super Stock racing to the best extent possible, the following general principles are considered to be permanent, non-negotiable and are to be supported by the specific rules at all times.

  1. Historical accuracy – American manufactured/factory created/supported makes/models for drag racing competition
  2. Multiple carburetion preferred
  3. Cast intake manifold required, if available
  4. Maximum rear slick width designation 10.5W
  5. Footbrake only – no transmission brake allowed
  6. No electronic elapsed-time bracket racing aids allowed
  7. Class/index designations required – no elapsed-time bracket racing dial-ins allowed

Eliminator Description     

  Nostalgia Super Stock is an index-style footbrake only eliminator for the year models, body styles, and engine combinations which accurately represent those American-built cars that raced in the Factory Experimental and Super Stock classes of the early and mid-1960s.   
  Classification will be based upon a visual inspection and an elapsed time range. No modifications which alter the car from factory stock are permitted unless they are specifically allowed in these rules and/or as authorized by the rules committee. Sandbagging, excessive braking near the finish line or excessive mph for a given elapsed time are all subject to possible disqualification.
Nostalgia Super Stock is an all-run field and will compete on a National Hot Rod Association sportsman-type ladder. The eliminator will qualify by elapsed time closest to class index, be paired according to qualifying positions, and then advance to eliminations. All participants in Nostalgia Super Stock must have a valid elapsed time recorded to be placed into eliminator competition.