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Why Buy Kia?

Why Buy Kia

Based in South Korea, Kia has made a name for itself around the world by providing high-quality vehicles at affordable prices. From the ever popular Optima to the Sedona minivan, there’s a vehicle for every type of driver. If price and features aren’t enough of an incentive, here’s a few reasons why you should buy a Kia from us here at Evansville Kia.

1.Warranty – To prove that each and every vehicle is engineered to a T, Kia backs up their products with a 10-year/100,000-mile limited warranty. In addition to expiring confidence, that warranty is one of the best in the world, let alone the United States.

2.Interior – For a brand that’s known for creating budget-friendly vehicles, Kia interiors are incredibly refined. Making use of high-quality materials and an attention to detail found in luxury makes, Kia goes the extra mile to provide a solid vehicle drivers can be proud of.

3.Luxury – To prove that Kia is more than just a brand for the budget conscious, the automaker created the K900 sedan, a car that aims to redefine the luxury market. Created to be the best of the best, the K900 sedan proves that Kia vehicles offer more than the bare minimum.

4.Safety – In addition to safety features upon safety features, Kia receives recognition from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration year after year. Kia currently has five vehicles, including the 2016 Optima and 2017 Sorento, on the IIHS’s Top Safety Pick list.

5.Variety – Kia provides a variety of vehicles. The current lineup includes two midsize sedans, one luxury sedan, three crossovers, one minivan, five compact cars, one hybrid, and one electric vehicle. If that isn’t a wide selection to choose from, we don’t know what is. With 14 vehicles across the board, there’s a Kia for everyone.